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Alternative Hard Rock band from Youngstown, OH, consisting of members Jacob Clasen, Michael Dulay, Zack Orr, and Tony Costarella. alteras [AL-teə(r)-is] - the present indicative 'you' form of the Spanish verb alterar, meaning to change or alter. Translation: "you change" The message the band brings to the table is a simple, transparent one: embrace change. While change is both inevitable and necessary, it is not always easy. Break ups, toxic friendships, broken homes, and losing loved ones can be all too defeating. These ideologies and topics of adversity are often the subject matter in Alteras's music. Through an effort of complete transparency in both their music and form, Alteras strives to be a living example of this to their fans, friends, and family alike. No matter the obstacles we are are faced with we endure, we forgive, we grieve, and we learn to love again.

In 2016, Alteras released their label debut album Grief which including single "Could Ever Love." Since the release of the album, the band has released three other singles. Released in 2017, "Best Mistake" was one of the band's best performing songs. Following along with the Revival 52 campaign, Alteras has released two singles in 2018, "Myself on Fire" and "Another Breath." With more new music and tours on the horizon, Alteras show no signs of slowing down or deterring for their ultimate goal. "Myself on Fire" and "Another Breath" are now available to purchase on iTunes or stream on all digital platforms. Be sure to catch them performing two dates on the last Vans Warped Tour this summer! 

Band Members

  • Jacob Clasen // Vocals

  • Michael Dulay // Guitar

  • Zack Orr // Bass

  • Tony Costarella // Drums

Management Team

  • Manager: Nicholas Mishko - 10 and 8 Management Agency
  • Booking Agent: Imran Xhelili - Artery Global