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Drawing, paintings and all forms of art have so many different meanings and interpretations.  With music, it is no different.  Hailing from Salt Lake City, Utah, Artwork came together as if fate had already penned the future.  Consisting of vocalist Sky Verdone, guitarist Patrick Dougherty, bassist Jarvis Anderson, and drummer Jordan Oman, the band prides itself on playing loud music and throwing temper tantrums in style while creating a sound that must be experienced to be understood.  Artwork wants to be heard.  They want their music to change people’s lives.

 The dream began with the members still just in high school.  It was obvious right away that fans resonated with the music, understanding the message behind the songs.  After entering the studio to bring the material to life, Artwork self-released a music video for Black and White to a rapidly growing and hungry fan base.  People wanted more.  The traction landed the attention of North Carolina record label Revival Recordings who subsequently signed the band to a record deal. In October 2016, Artwork's debut EP Black and White was released. Black and White is available now an all digital outlets! 

Band Members

  • Sky Verdone // Vocals

  • Patrick Dougherty // Guitar

  • Jarvis Anderson // Bass

  • Jordan Oman// Drums

Management Team

  • Manager: Jim Present - 307 Artist Management
  • Booking Agent: Freddy Del Rio - TKO