When one era ends, a new one begins. AVOID, formerly knowns as Avoid the Void, is set out to make their new era bigger and better than their last.  Hailing from Seattle, WA, the heavy rock outfit consists of Benny Scholls (vocals), Nick Olson (guitar), Luke Ryder (guitar), and Jason Daggett (bass/vocals). The band has slowly but surely been making it’s own mark on the music industry. Under Avoid the Void, the band accomplished three regional tours while also making appearances on Knotfest 2015 and The All Stars Tour 2015. With their own sound and electric stage performance, AVOID aims to capture the interest of fans of rock, metal, and everything in between. Vocalist Benny Scholl said about the band, “AVOID to me is our form of expression to the world around us. Everyone views the world differently, and that's what I hope people take away from our music. I want AVOID to make you feel something, whether it's happiness, anger, sadness, excitement, even hatred to us, I just want what we create to make you feel.”

AVOID continues to push the envelope and get their music in front of anyone who would listen. In 2017, the band played multiple shows, signed with 307 Artist Management and released a new single, “End of an Era.” In 2018, AVOID announced their signing with Revival Recordings. Since the beginning of 2018, the band has released five singles, "28 Days," "By Myself," "Hate (Me)," "Father Centipede," and "Thoughts of You."  AVOID recently announced the release of their label debut album, Alone. You can stream Alone on all digital platforms or purchase your own copy now!


  • Benny Scholl - Vocals

  • Nick Olson - Guitar

  • Luke Ryder - Guitar

  • Jason Daggett - Bass

  • Paul Jaton - Drums



  • Manager: Aaryn Deal - 307 Artist Management