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Definition: Notably or conspicuously unusual; extraordinary.

Setting out to be “remarkable”, Charlatan is a Scrap Metal band defined by their willingness to embrace the odd and taboo. Armed with their goofy antics, songs that meander playfully through the spectrum of genre, and the poetic/hard hitting musings of their front man, Grey Member, they are determined to stand out amongst a sea of clichés.

“We like to add a healthy dose of sarcasm, irony, and humor to everything we do. Too many artists take themselves too seriously, which limits the range in which they can express their ideas. Sometimes, poking fun at our culture and society is the best way to cope and come to grips with our reality. We hope our satire reflects the honest way people feel.” - Grey

Charlatan – also consisting of guitarists Tyler Baker Craig and Austin Heath – was loosely formed in Salina, Utah in 2008 after Grey met Heath in high school, and fully realized in 2013 with the induction of Tyler into the group.

“The band has always revolved around the bond we forged with one another through our unique brand of humor and the deep respect we have for the importance of conversation. The communication and comradery we share when it comes to cooking up a new idea for a song, design, or video is the most critical element of our process. Too many hands in the pot usually leads to too many conflicting ideas and ideals, so we decided to keep the band between us 3, and hire touring members to fill in on the road.”- Heath

With a new record on the way and plans to tour extensively in 2017, Charlatan has a message to share with the masses:

 "Read. Think for yourself. Ask questions. Listen. Take risks. Suck it, because who knows? You just might like it.

Charlatan released Remarkable with Revival Recordings in April 2017. Their new singles, “Sucker Punch” and “Book Burner,” are available now on all digital platforms!

Band Members

  • Grey Sorenson // Vocals

  • Austin Heath // Guitar, Backing Vocals


Management Team

  • Manager: Chris Cave - Defiled Management

  • Booking Agent: Chris Cave - Defiled Management