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The saying goes that you can see what a person is made of when dealing with adversity. CONS is no exception. Hailing from Tuscon, AZ, the band is made up by unclean vocalist Josh Fererra, guitarist/clean vocalist Matt Barrios, bassist Steven Hathaway, guitarist Jeremy Talley, and drummer Stephen Majalca.  CONS has created their own unique sound, pulling inspiration from metal, rock, and post hardcore.  Combining this musical stylings into one, CONS has made their stamp on the music scene.  Formerly known as Coma Prevail, Talley assembled the band including ex-Scary Kids Scaring Kids vocalist, Tyson Stevens.  The band saw some success but unfortunately tragedy struck.   After the passing vocalist Stevens, the other members of the band decided it was time to make a change not only for themselves but also out of respect for the legacy that Stevens had left behind with them.  They decided on changing the Coma Prevail name behind, and have rebranded themselves as CONS.

Through the hard times of picking up the pieces after the passing of a friend and the challenge of rebanding oneself, the members of CONS never let it get to them. They have strived and have pushed themselves into the forefront of the music industry. They have played alongside noteworthy bands including Alesana, which is where guitarist/vocalist and the owner of Revival Recordings, Shawn Milke, first thought about setting the wheels into motion. In 2017, CONS released their new EP, Slowhealer. Talley says of the EP, “We made an EP that truly represents our tastes and caters to what we feel was and still is cool about heavy music. With the help, patience, and wisdom of Beau Burchell, we were able to capture the energy of our practice space, venture into and back out of dark territory lyrically, and make something that really gives us a springboard to jump from creatively when we go into writing our first full length.” CONS is ready to take this new chapter of their lives and make the most of it. The band is ready to make their mark on the music industry. Their fire is still growing and is about to pick up intensity. Slowhealer is available everywhere digitally now.


  • Josh Ferrara // Unclean Vocals

  • Matt Barrios // Guitar and Vocals

  • Steven Hathaway // Bass Guitar

  • Jeremy Talley // Guitar

  • Stephen Majalca // Drums