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Having self-released they’re eponymous EP in the fall of 2016 and their viral video hit "Speed Dial," Convey has remained largely hidden for the past year, incubating ideas, fleshing them out, and not settling until the grooves cut as deep as the vocals do soar. A decade of digesting the legendary likes Led Zeppelin and Tool, then grafting them to a living love of Queens of the Stone Age and Circa Survive has yielded their new LP City of Skin and Bone. Soon to be unleashed this spring, it will surely remind you just how rock should feel. Many years and miles separate where Convey stands now from when guitarist Jahan Rajabi and singer Ben Cohen met in high school where they carved out their first tunes in a Boston basement. They joined up with resident Rush disciple Cory Massing at Berklee College of Music and before moving westward to Los Angeles to cast the final mold for what Convey would be. It was there that they rounded out the ranks with bassist Luke Dennis and linked up with producer Jim Kaufman (Atlas Genius, AWOLNATION) who took a keen interest in their sleek sound.

The tape began to roll on City of Skin and Bone in the summer of 2017 under the meticulous hand of Kaufman. Having long been crowd-tested and approved from the stage at the Satellite Lounge, the new tunes quickly took on a life of their own. From the Zeppelin swagger of album opener "Devour" to the feral post-punk wail of "Terror,"  each song found new teeth and venom. Even songs such as blues stomp "Crayon," to the aqueous title track lumbered to life from their distant back catalog.The ten songs that made the final track list represent not just a cathartic release of years of writing and refining but a daring stab at the future of rock.Vocalist Ben Cohen never fails to summon the neck hairs to attention with lyrics thatcan at once speak to personal tales of fear and love as well as scream at social corruption and injustice. Jahan’s guitar lines threaten to snap from sultry to brutal at the crack of snare from Corey. Stripping away any gimmicks, pretensions, or short cuts that sustains too much of contemporary music, Convey traffics in a breed of modern rock that knows its roots while flaunting its red-blooded realism in the 21st century.

In 2018, Convey signed with Revival Recordings set to bring their music to the masses. Since their signing, the band has released four singles, “Terror,” “Inside Out,” “Nutrition,” and “The Way.” All for singles are from the band’s forthcoming label debut LP, City of Skin and Bones, which is set to release on June 14th! Fans can pre-order the album now and stream the singles on all digital platforms.


          BAND MEMBERS:                                                    MANAGEMENT TEAM:

  • Ben Cohen - Vocals *Eric Castellazzo - Bridge & Castle

  • Jahan Rajabi - Guitarist *Ryan Del Vecchio - Bridge & Castle

  • Cory Massing - Drummer

  • Luke Dennis - Bassist