Earther is an indie rock band from Raleigh, NC. Started in 2017 by three best friends in their garage, the band has quickly grown from basement show warriors to packing out larger clubs and touring the country. Earther abides by the “less is more” mentality - packing the sonic intricacy and fullness usually reserved for larger bands into a three-person roster. Guitarist Henry Boyd and drummer Daniel Ayers draw from emo, pop punk, and post rock influences to create a dynamic instrumental section, while vocalist and bassist Joel Bloch uses surreal, dream-inspired lyricism to express his own life experiences and give the band a relatable, poignant voice. 

In 2018, Earther signed with Revival Recordings with plans of releasing their debut EP later this year. The band plans to spend the rest of the year touring and promoting their release, sharing their music and their story with as many new people as possible. Since their signing, the band has released three singles, "Wanted," "The Lake," and "Wolf." Their debut label EP, The House Always Wins, is available now! 


Band Members:

Joel Bloch - Lead Vocals/Bass

Henry Boyd - Guitar/Vocals

Daniel Ayers - Drums/Vocals