June Divided Releases Dance Remix For "Firestarter"

June Divided is releasing a new dance remix of their track, “Firestarter” and want you to join the party! This is the first track off the Party Wars companion album, to their EP Body Wars, that the band will be releasing in 2019. When talking about the release, vocalist Melissa Menago said, “"The idea for Party Wars came about when Chris showed me a dance remix of Body Wars he had started working on for fun. When we sat down to finish it, we had so much fun with the idea that we ended up making an entire record of remixes and alternative versions of the songs on Body Wars. This Firestarter remix was one of the last ones we worked on, but it's different and it came together pretty quickly so we thought it'd be great for the first release."

You can watch the stream video for the “Firestarter” remix below! Fans can listen/purchase the single here.

Shawn Milke