TLE Take More Serious Route With "Tell Her I Said Hello"

You’re favorite dadpunks are back but this time different than before. Instead of fun songs about kids not sleeping or trying to figure out where to eat, TLE tackles the topic of divorce and losing a parent in their new single, “Tell Her I Said Hello.” Backing vocalist and guitarist Nick Onorato stated, “Tell Her I Said Hello approaches a more serious side of parenting, and really anyone's life.  It deals with losing a parent.  Shawn and I both come from a home where our parents were divorced during our teenage years and understand those difficulties first hand.  On top of the connection to parenting, this song means a lot to us as a band as it was originally a song we wrote back when we were first playing music together in the early 00s.”

You can check out the accompanying stream video below or on the Revival Recordings YouTube channel! Fans can purchase or stream the track here.

Shawn Milke