Alteras New Single "Best Mistake" Now Available!

"Best Mistake," the new stand-alone single from Alteras, is now available for streaming on Spotify and to be purchased on iTunes!  Be sure to check out the music video for the song on Revival Recording's YouTube channel here. Grab your copy now!


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Revival is a record label dedicated to art and the people who create it. Our family of artists are the core of what we are all about; we are a community designed to carve out our own little corner of the music industry where creative and artistic integrity are paramount.


Famous Last Words

May 5 2009

Seasoned in the art of concept-album writing, Famous Last Words are a post-hardcore group whose lyrics epitomize music with a message. Merging symphonic elements with crushing guitar tones, the band then explores themes of desperation, hope, and love. Enlivening the art of storytelling in heavy music, Famous Last Words’ outshine their peers in their commitment to embedding their convictions into their art.

The Funeral Portrait

May 22 2013

The Funeral Portrait is a four-piece pop-rock outfit hailing from Atlanta, Georgia. Consisting of vocalist Lee Jennings, guitarist Mikey J, bassist Robert Weston, and drummer Homer the band blends elements of rock and roll, heavy metal, and theatre all under a blanket of pop sensibility as they paint their stories of love, loss, anger, and grief onto a canvas of skillfully crafted songs.




Formerly known as Coma Prevail, CONS is set to take the music industry by storm. Coming from Tuscon, AZ, the band consists of Josh Fererra (vocals), Matt Barrios (vocals/guitar), Steven Hathaway (bass), Jeremy Talley (guitar), and Stephen Majalca (drums). The band strives to make music that's real to their listeners. Combining sounds from different genres of rock, they have brought forth a sound uniquely their own. 


January 2009

Born out of Austin TX, Thieves is a four piece aggressive pop punk band who's love for energetic music and convictions for a hard work ethic brought them together. Using powerful riffs and atmospheric guitar leads, they deliver a uniquely refreshing twist to the pop punk scene. They parallel this with reflective lyrics in hopes that their experiences and stories will encourage listeners to strive for better.




Hailing from Seattle, WA, four-piece nu metal grunge band Versus is comprised of former band members in Lakeview Drive. The band utilizes their creative platform to spread a message of hope for individuals battling mental illness after first-hand losing someone significant to them. The band has made it their mission to help each and every person they come in contact with.


November 12 2013

Charlatan is a Scrap Metal band defined by their willingness to embrace the odd and taboo. Armed with their goofy antics, songs that meander playfully through the spectrum of genre, and the poetic/hard hitting musings of their front man, Grey Member, they are determined to stand out amongst a sea of clichés.


october 31 2004

Positive Mental Attitude. This is the mantra that is not only a driving force for Raleigh, North Carolina based Alesana, but also a way of life. Celebrating eleven years as a band, the pop-metal sextet is always in high spirits and accustomed to playing their hearts out every night when on the road. Countless US tours, several trips around the world, and seven major releases later, Alesana is living proof that hard work and dedication to dreams can go a long, long way.



Emerging from Fort Collins, Colorado, Shatterproof is a five piece alternative rock band. Consisting of vocalist Branson Hoog, guitarist Jeremy Marmor, violinist TJ Wessel, bassist Josh Schoenig, and drummer Benji Spoliansky, the band strives to deliver the positive message to their listeners that we are not alone in the world. Through struggles and hardships, life can knock us down but we get back up. We are shatterproof.



August 9 2009

A five-piece metal band from Youngstown, Ohio, the band was founded with the common belief that making music was vital to their well-being. The band's mission is to provide for whomever needs it most. Alteras consists of Jacob Clasen (vocalist), Jordan Woolley (guitarist), Michael Dulay (guitarist), Zack Orr (bassist), and Tony Costarella (drummer). 


october 1st 2015

Hailing from Salt Lake City, Utah, Artwork came together as if fate had already penned the future.  Consisting of vocalist Sky Verdone, guitarist Patrick Dougherty, bassist Jarvis Anderson, and drummer Jordan Oman the band prides itself on playing loud music and throwing temper tantrums in style while creating a sound that must be experienced to be understood.  Artwork wants to be heard.  They want their music to change people’s lives.

IMG_0463 (1).jpg

Misery Loves Company

January 22 2016

Misery Loves Company, consisting of Jimmy Ruggiero and Joe Mascio JR, are a Post-Emo band from South Jersey who bring an honest message to their listeners.  The group hones in on powerful subjects like mental illness, relationship issues, and self-hardship to create a safe environment for listeners to rally behind. They want their fans to know they aren't alone.

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