Sounding Off: JT of Famous Last Words

"It's 11:59.

It's the story of my life and everything that could change in it.

It's 11:59.

It's the minute I could die and be lost to the end."


This is a lyric off of our new album. It embodies one simple truth; The truth is that our entire world can change in just one, single moment. 


Now you can look at this two different ways:


You can look at the lyrics above and feel sad. You could see it as a depressing grouping of words. You could read it and feel fear. You can then let that fear control you. You can let it dictate how you look, how you live, what you do, where you go, who you love, what you believe, and even who you are.

You could let the fear of that moment define you,




You can look at the lyrics and feel excitement. If and when you get past the fear, you will see opportunity. See the opportunity to embrace that moment and LIVE that moment to the fullest. Find the light in a world that seems to be so dark and full of hate. 


From the beginning of time there has always been dark and light, and there always will be until the end of time. But if we chose to hide in the dark and let that fear keep us caged in, then we will never have a chance to find the light. 


The incidents that have taken place in Orlando recently have filled us all with grief, confusion, and most of all... Fear. But if we let that fear control us, we will forever be in the dark, and we will lose our ability to truly live. 


Everyone deserves a chance to live in the light.