Dad Punk: topics your dad would sing about in fast-hitting punk fashion

This is what TLE stands to bring to the music scene. The pop punk group from Raleigh, NC is made up of Shawn Milke (vocals/guitar), Nick Onorato (guitar/backing vocals), and Drew Bowie (bass). After many years away from the band, Shawn and Nick found that they had new material to put into the reincarnation: being a dad. From writing about PTA meetings, taking kids out to eat, and trying to get the kids to bed, TLE brings a new exciting spin to an already beloved genre. With some hard-hitting instrumentals and catchy lyrics, TLE hopes to garner the attention of fans who have similar feelings about being a parent and partner in raising kids in this day and age. Also, for their own kids to have fun, upbeat music to rock out to as well! 

In 2018, TLE signed with Revival Recordings (themselves). Since the signing, the band has released several singles showing the chaos of being a dad including, "Kids Eat Free," "Date Night," and “Drive Thru Records Was The Best Record Label In The History of Anything, Ever.” Fans can expect to hear new music, see amazingly dad-tastic music videos, and maybe even catch TLE on a tour or two. This is only the beginning!

Band Members

Shawn Milke - Vocals/Guitarist

Nick Onorato - Guitarist/Backing Vocals

Drew Bowie - Bassist