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Veridian’s entire mantra is to entangle their fans in the experience, experience a tide across the UK and further afield. They feel their music can span all genres and appeal to people from different walks of life with different tastes. The band’s songs are all written from personal experiences. They hope that their messages are accessible to the people that hear them, that people can connect with them through music. Veridian strive to create a community where nobody is left to face the world alone. Anyone can come to a show and forget their worries and feel like they’re part of a family.

Veridian have recently signed to Revival Recordings who will be releasing the band’s sophomore EP, a follow up to their debut EP, 40826D, released in 2017. In April 2019, the band released a standalone single titiled, “Lie,” which launched the band as a 5-piece with an entirely new branding gaining the group significant hype. The two singles from their new EP, “Curtains” and “Halo,” are out now!



  • James Illsley - Saviour Management


  • Simon Jackman - Vocals

  • Robbie Everrett - Guitar & Backing Vocals

  • Zak Watson - Drums

  • James Marshall Stack - Keys

  • Jonny Slevin - Bass & Backing Vocals